Word of the Day: Zankelfication

Zankelfication, noun /zæŋk(ə)lfəˈkeɪʃ(ə)n/

etymology: derived from Zankel Hall, the underground multimedia-friendly recital space at Carnegie Hall that programs classical, jazz, world, and pop music; coined by Zachery Woolf in a December 2, 2010 Capital New York article on cellist Maya Beiser

definition: 1) the incorporation of new values, elements or practices into a tradition – particularly a tradition considered moribund or in need of popularization – so as simultaneously to revitalize and threaten that tradition; 2) hybridization; 3) spectacularization; 4) “cross-over” driven by artistic rather than marketing concerns

The group [Eighth Blackbird] was founded 15 years ago with the goal of focusing on a relatively small repertory, with theatrically charged performances and memorized music. (The Zankelfication of classical music in action). (Capital New York, Feb 18, 2011)

back formation: zankelfy (verb)

Zoe Keating zankelfies Beethoven.

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