A Manifesto for Music Technologists

Picture 1

“What is music technology for?” I spent a day at Microsoft Research New England discussing this question with twenty other people. The goal: to produce a manifesto – a rallying point for those interested in the transformative potentials of music technology, and in driving those potentials in positive directions. The resulting “Manifesto for Music Technologists” is now live at http://www.musictechifesto.org/  It is a document not just for people who make technologies, but for people who engage with music technology in all manner of ways – as users, critics, theorists, historians, social scientists… Indeed, it is one of the precepts of the manifesto that “meaningful innovation happens when fields intersect.” So we are all implicated when we say:

Music technologies make worlds. Let us make better worlds.

We invite you to sign on to manifesto, to help build a broad, engaged community of music technologists – and with it, better worlds.

Further reading: Nancy Baym, “A Manifesto for Music Technologists”; Jonathan Sterne, “What is Music Technology For?”

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